Saturday, 10 March 2012

Burger Bar, Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Holland

A few days before heading to Amsterdam for a weekend away I had a look to see what Tripadvisor had in its recommended restaurants and was very excited to see a Burger restaurant had made it into the top 10.

There were glowing reviews about their wagyu Beef burger and I headed here within a few hours of arriving in Amsterdam.

They have 3 Burger Bars in the city and I decided to go to the first one that opened in June 2007.

The Burger bar was literally a bar where you queue up and order. After a few minutes wait I ordered our burger from the menu and went for the 270gram Wagyu Beef burger with toppings of cheddar and bacon and a portion of their Belgian Fries. Quite similar to Byrons menu, which was a good sign of quality over quantity.

I managed to get a seat at the bar after a minute or two, bearing in mind there were only about 6 seats in there, this I would imagine is quite rare.

You get to see your burger being made in front of you in a way I had not seen before, they grab weigh and shape the meat in front of you and you get to see the grams on a big LED digital reader which was quite cool.
Photos of Burger Bar, Amsterdam

The burger came plated up (no picture of this or a bite through, I have learnt for future posts!) .

BUN - Very good sesame seed bun lightly toasted.

MEAT - Perfectly cooked and really great flavour. 1st time I had had Wagyu beef loved it, flavour melted out of it.

Toppings - Good

Sides - Perfectly cooked chips, beef dripping from memory, bit expensive for some sauce however, although there is a good selection of flavours.

Being so long from tasting to blogging I wont be able to give too much detail on the burger but it was so good I went back the next day and had the same burger!

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam make sure you check it out!

Overall Rating 9/10