Thursday, 12 April 2012

Double Cheese Stack @ The Admiral Codrington, West London

Burger: Double Cheese Stack
Price: £16 with chips

Twitter: @Fredsmith_

I'll start by apologising. I'm sorry.

If you didn't taste this you may never; as this must see, must have burger is no longer on the menu. This was a 2 week lunchtime only special, last month! Judging by twitter in that fortnight it you would be in the minority if you missed it as I think half of London experienced Fred Smiths latest wizardry.

Mrs Burger Addict(MBA for future posts) and I rushed from St. Pauls and Moorgate on a Thursday lunch-time to West London for our second visit to The Admiral Codrington to sample this burger that everyone was raving about.
Thankfully for us the restaurant was empty, it was like our own private tasting. I don't think we had even sat down before we placed our order; "2 Double Stacks and a side of mac & cheese please", rushed due to work and my excitement.

About 10 minutes later we heard the call, "service please". It was like Christmas Day for me. MBA told me to calm down as I think I was rocking the table.

It arrived just as expected, oozing with cheese.

MEAT - Perfectly prepared, seasoned and cooked. The texture in the burgers here are as good as I have ever tasted.

Check out YouTube for videos of Fred Smith detailing the making of the patty, courtesy of hamburger-me.
BUN - A change from the plain glazed bun I had previously here. No idea how this survived the avalanche of cheese but it managed the task beautifully. Not 1 sesame seed came off the bun, no idea how but I liked it. It kept strong throughout which was some task!

TOPPINGS - Cheese. Cheese. Cheese! A combination of cheddar, Parmesan and American cheese which had an fantastic explosion of flavour.

SIDES – Chips were big chunky and faultlessly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, ideal for mopping up the juices left behind. The Mac & Cheese was shared and as good as I have tasted. Sorry no pictures but I will be back.

I introduced myself to Fred after the meal and not only does he serve up the best burger I have tasted but he was a top fella as well. I expressed my sadness that he didn't run this special for longer but he reassured me he had other specials which will be coming on the menu soon.

'The Chilli Cheeseburger' is his latest special and is still on the menu now I believe.

I see a big conflict with The Admiral Codrington and my burger quest; With burgers this good what is the point in seeking out any others?

Overall Rating 10/10

Square Meal

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