Sunday, 10 June 2012

MEATmarket, Covent Garden, London

Burger: Dead Hippie (2 beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, minced onion & Dead Hippie sauce)
Price: £7.50

Location: Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8BE

It was MBA's birthday and she decided to meet friends around Covent Garden and go for something to eat and drink and she wanted to go to MEATmarket!!!! After some persuasion I agreed to come along :) (Best mrs ever!)

Up the side steps by Jubilee Market you are met at the top with a narrow and long American styled diner. You are then hit with dozens of hanging works of art which are comical yet informative.

I went for the Dead Hippie burger with fries and a side of Poppaz and Corn Puppies, you leave your name and they give you a call when the order is ready, ours kindly was brought to the table.

MEAT -  The 2 patties are half the size of the MEATwagons cheeseburger I had the week before but there seemed to be double the flavour. I worried if the meat would still be cooked to as high a standard due to there being a smaller amount of meat but again it was gorgeously crisp on the outside and perfectly pink on the inside, flavour and texture were again spot on, perfectly cooked and seasoned with some of the highest quality meat available.

BUN - It seemed a different bun used from the MEATwagon but again a perfect companion for everything in between it.

TOPPINGS - The Dead Hippie sauce is in a class of its own! It needs to be bottled up and sold if it isn't already. The over sized pickles I am a big fan of and they are not too overpowering which is probably due to the high quality of all the other elements. Great quality cheese and was melting down the patties but was contained well in the burger.


SIDES - McDonald's fries at its finest. A bit overpriced at £3 but the portion size is decent. The Poppaz and Corn Puppies are class and the poppaz are worth the trip themselves. Again slightly pricey at £4 but I wouldn't hesitate to get them again, and they do come with a sauce that compliments them superbly in-particular the honey and mustard dressing that came with the corn puppies which I got very excited about. Quality ingredients used, and it showed.

As per all previous reviews I had read about the Dead Hippie burger it was faultless. The cool interior of the MEATmarket is unique and eye capturing and the food as good as you can get, a must visit. I will be returning ASAP.

The staff were very friendly as well, and I saw a face around the kitchen I thought I recognised and asked to confirm and it was Yanni Papoutsis Mr MEAT himself. We went over and spoke to him for a bit and he was a diamond. Gave us a great background of his time in America and his experiences with street food which is what he aimed, and has brought to London. He even supplied a round of birthday drinks for MBA and the rest of our friends, very nice touch thank you.

I asked Yanni of his best burger experience, he answered, "Probably a McDonald's Cheeseburger or Big Mac at 2 in the morning or 11am on a Sunday morning hungover" - true honesty and something we all can relate to.

Overall Rating 10/10
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