Friday, 1 June 2012

MEATwagon, London

Burger: Cheeseburger 
Price: £7 

Location: "Guerilla dining in London"
Twitter: @themeatwagonuk

Tuesday 29th May the tweet flashed up;

YES! Too long had this burger clung to my must visits and now I had the chance, only a short stroll from my office today, to taste one of their bad boys.

I was slightly worried that with nearly 9,000 followers and over 50 retweets of this event it was going to be a loooong wait but thankfully for me it was about a 5minute wait to order then just under 10 for the burger to be in my hand. No MBA today but an old friend 'Fatpants' joined me. (his name will be appearing more with our upcoming visit to Las Vegas)

MEAT - WOW. Fantastically crisp on the outside whilst pink and juicy on the inside. Loved the shape of the patty as well, it was hardcore and unique, like a fingerprint I doubt 2 of their patties are ever the same.

BUN - Good soft spongy bun which handled the juices perfectly.

TOPPINGS - Gorgeously melted cheese, sharp onion and lettuce with big chunky pickles that really added to the moistness of the burger.

SIDES – No sides available; not sure if they ever do but with burgers this good just get another of their cheeseburgers on the side like Fatpants and I did! 1 would have only teased the taste buds anyway, 2 was a much better meal.  

As good a burger as the reputation that precedes it. I could not fault any part of the burger and neither could Fatpants.

Keep a look out for where this MEATwagon is as its not one to be missed. Very easy to see how the MEAT brand is growing in London, good luck to them!

Overall Rating 10/10