Wednesday, 20 June 2012

PBR Rock Bar, Las Vegas

Burger: Country Fried Pickle Burger - Beef patty with melted American cheese, crispy fried pickles and a Cajun remoulade
Price: $12.95

Location: S.Las Vegas Blvd

MEAT - Cooked well but no seasoning added and ultimately tasteless. It was also not very warm which added to the disappointment. Real shame here as it looked like a good bit of meat.

BUN - A standard sesame seeded bun which due to the toppings did struggle to maintain it but as you will see that is more a slight on the toppings then the bun. 

TOPPINGS - The fried pickles were horrible! I was expecting crispy but they were so hard I had to removed them to enable me to finish the burger. I don't know of over frying would have dried out the pickle but when I broke away the rock solid batter, there stood the driest pickle I have ever seen. The Cheese was standard but hardly melted which is never the way forward. 

SIDES – The chips were nice, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and well seasoned. A decent chip. Not great overall, remove the glass(pickles) and add some seasoning and heat to the meat and you would have a solid burger. If all else fails there is a bucking bronco at the back of the restaurant if that takes your fancy.

Overall Rating 3/10
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  1. I would like to try the pickles

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