Sunday, 17 June 2012

Peggy Sue's, Ghost Town, California

Burger: Buddy Holly, Bacon Cheese Burger
Price: $8.99


An old school Diner - Unfortunately a poor burger
Location: Ghost Town, California

Before we left LA for Vegas I had a quick look at the food options on route but nothing really caught my eye. Perfection was an old school diner like you see in the movies but all I could see were fast food joints.

However just past Barstow I saw a sign for a diner in Ghost Town, perfect MBA exclaimed! Hoping it was open, at around 2100, we parked up. It was! It did not fail to deliver either as opening the door was like walking onto a movie set in the 50's.

Click this to read the history of the diner


How cool

MEAT - Poor - Frozen shop brought tasteless patty.

BUN - Like the patty, a standard shop bought burger bun, wasn't dry or stale so nothing to complain about really.

TOPPINGS - The bacon was very nice, good smoky flavour and with a nice bite to it. Down hill from there though unfortunately, the cheese needed to be melted more, the lettuce was too dry and there was about half a raw medium onion which I needed to remove.

SIDES – Nice fries, again shop bought but well cooked(heated up). The malt milkshake I had was immense and unbelievable value for money, must have been over a pints worth of it for about $5 from memory.

World Class Malt Milkshake
Unfortunately the burger was not good, it wasn't offensively bad (apart from the onion) just not good, but if you are driving past do stop and pop in as it is retro cool inside. If you want to see a diner like you see in the movies this is it, from the waitresses dressed in their uniforms, the memorabilia and the classic signs this place has it all, we even took a slice of blueberry pie for the ride.

Overall Rating 2/10

The Restroom Stalls

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