Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rack and Tenter, Moorgate, London

Burger: Gourmet Burger (Stacked with crispy bacon, melting cheese, Heinz™ Classic Burger Sauce and crowned with a homemade onion ring) 
Price: £8.95


Another work lunch (not expensed this time) and despite having 5 burgers in the last 7 days I was lured into adding a new pin to my burger map. The other people on the table were just looking through the menu and the waitress came up and asked what we would like to drink and if we're ready to order, very impressive in a pub chain like this. I asked if I could get the burger cooked to my liking, no such luck.

MEAT -  The worst meat I have eaten in sometime. I checked the menu when it arrived and it never said if it was beef anywhere on it and with the crunch that you were getting every bite I doubt they were allowed to. It literally broke off in parts like shattered glass I kid you not.

BUN - Good. Very soft yet strong. Didn't have to fight with any juice from anywhere else so could fold under questioning. 

TOPPINGS - Unusual to see the cheese melted onto the bacon, wasn't much of it mind you and it didn't give any extra. The bacon was cooked well and was a nice thick slice. The onion ring was weak and far too soft. Tomato and lettuce, meh. No sauce added in the burger, I guess the luminous burger sauce provided was to be poured in?

SIDES – A bucket of golden fries it was described on the menu - LOL. Quite impressive to under cook and over cook chips in such a small portion but they managed it; Poor and tasteless. Decent selection of sides which can be seen here.

McDonald's is only around the corner and I think you are more likely to get a 'gourmet' burger there then here unfortunately. The word gourmet is abused in a similar fashion to the word legend, but with the meat here it should be criminal to associate them together.

Overall Rating 3/10


  1. Looks utterly dreadful. I took it upon myself to try a Wetherspoons burger recently with the same result. Ghastly. I'd hate to think what was the "meat" in your pattie!

  2. We're the fools!

    3/10 is probably quite generous, although should be enough to put people off still :)