Thursday, 21 June 2012

Steak 'n Shake, South Point Casino, Las Vegas

Burger: Jalapeno Crunch Steakburger
Price: $4.99

Location: South Point Casino, Las Vegas

Located inside South Point casino, which is about 15minutes drive from the heart of the strip, this casino is supposedly where the locals go to gamble.

Steak 'n Shake have a restaurant here but being just before midnight we had to order our food to take away, seats a plenty in the casino so no big deal.

A massive menu, and I went against my new venue burger policy and opted for the jalapeno crunch steakburger, against the maximum toppings I usually go for at just bacon and cheese, but I fancied some heat and hoped this delivered it. 

The size of the patty was a pleasant surprise and it was the biggest I had ever seen from a fast food chain, about an inch high, however strangely when the patty was put on the grill the chef flattened it to about half a centimetre; my heart dropped.

MEAT - Brilliant! From fearing the worst when I had seen it being flattened the dry burnt patty I was imagined turned into a crisp juicy delight. The double patty was really tasty, a high quality of beef used and cooked well. The crisp coating gave a nice bite without detracting from a soft mince, not on the same level I had tasted from MEATwagon but a well cooked patty indeed.

BUN - A pumped up McDonalds cheese burger bun that had a greasy feel to it but managed to hold everything together. A perfect bun for this type of burger.

TOPPINGS - A powerful kick from the jalapeños, coupled with the buttery pepperjack cheese which mellowed the spice. It might have been too spicy for some, but was exactly what I was after. The smoky chipotle mayo was impressive as well. I am starting to see a theme with burgers I've rated and this sauce.

SIDES – Fries were nothing special but a big selection of sides to chose from including bacon cheese fries which I am still unsure why I didn't upgrade to.

Very happy with the burger here; not somewhere I had planned to visit but was a welcome addition to my trip. Fast food done very well.

Overall Rating 7/10

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