Friday, 13 July 2012

Planet Hollywood, London

Burger: Celebrity BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger
Price: £14.95

Location: 57-60 Haymarket, London

The burger comes open; is there any reason for doing this? Put the lid on it please.

MEAT - Very disappointing. You will not win any awards for murdering beef like this. The beef was so dry part of it broke away during eating. I had asked for it to be cooked medium rare....the pictures here can show the tragedy better then I can detail.

BUN - Very good, lightly toasted brioche bun that had a buttery flavour with bounce yet still firm. No patty juice to really test it however I think it would have been up to the task.

TOPPINGS - The hickory smoked bacon was very good and gave a real deep flavour which would have complimented the beef if it hadn't been destroyed. The bbq sauce had a good sweet flavour and wasn't too over powering as is sometimes the case. The cheddar cheese however wasn't melted enough, partly due to it being placed over the bbq sauce. The lettuce was a bit uneven but the tomato, onion and pickle were well proportioned in the burger.

SIDES – Nothing special about the fries, no real flavour or great texture. The white chocolate shake however was delicious and was finished before the starters had been. A bit too much cream on top rather then some more shake and a bit pricey at £4.95 but the highlight of the meal.

White Chocolate Milkshake - gone before the stater. Delicious!

Very disappointing burger that should have been decent but for the kitchen over cooking the beef. Still the best burger? Thankfully not.

Overall Rating 4/10

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