Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Kings Head, Billericay, Essex

Burger: Homemade Beefburger - minced steak, soft bun, smoked cheddar, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, sweetcure bacon and chips
Price: £8.99

Location: Southend Road, Billericay, Essex

Another drive and find pub for me and MBA led us here one Saturday afternoon. I had never been here before or heard of it but despite Planet Hollywoods the night before was keen as always to try their burger in hope of finding something special.

The burger arrives a bit of a mess with the lid off, bacon resting on the plate rather then the burger and a disappointingly non melted cheese.

MEAT - Dry dry dry. Was probably a nice cut of beef if it had been cooked how I requested. This overcooking really is getting me down on my burger search, is it that hard not to over cook the meat?

BUN - A very light airy bun which had been quite heavily toasted but it had a nice flavour and a decent bite to it.

TOPPINGS - Where the bacon wasn't overly burnt(only a small bit in fairness) it had a very good texture and a heavy sweet flavour to it. The cheese was a strong cheddar but as the pictures showed this hadn't been melted which was poor. Fresh tomato and lettuce used and evenly proportioned in the burger.

SIDES – Standard pub chips but came seasoned with salt and family pepper. 

Still not managed to have a good burger in Essex but I won't give up. This could have been it; Cook the meat as requested, melt the cheese whilst cooking and this would be a very good burger in a traditional ol' English pub.

Overall Rating 4/10

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