Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Diner, Covent Garden, London

Burger: The Grab Burger - Double shortrib Cheeseburger with shredded lettuce, burger sauce & pickles on a Rinkoffs big slider bun
Price: £8.50

Location: 190 Shaftesbury Avenue, London
Twitter: @thedinertweets

With tickets for the Olympic Women's Beach Volleyball in hand we made our way to get a late breakfast at The Diner on Shaftesbury Avenue about a 10minute walk from Horse Guards Parade. 

I had actually been to The Diner before in 2008 and had a burger but I don't remember what this was like, but I did find a picture of it.

2008 Burger

I hadn't looked at the menu before we went and fully expected to get a 'breakfast' breakfast, but when the waitress confirmed I could order a burger I had no choice did I?

I went for The Grab Burger, medium rare, perfect.


MEAT -A good quality beef used and cooked as requested. A crisp outer texture on both patties and juicy center also.

BUN - Agh, the curse of the dry bun. I could see when this was delivered it was a dry bun and unfortunately I was right. It had no squeeze because of this and it was a big burger so it needed some give, disappointing.

TOPPINGS - Hello McDonald's Big Mac sauce! The burger sauce used here is is almost identical to that of a Big Mac, I loved it! Tasty cheese, well melted. Good crisp pickle and well shredded lettuce all of which well distributed in the burger. 

SIDES – Not reading the menu, I didn't realise the burger didn't come with any sides but thankfully we had ordered a Mac & Cheese for the table to share. This was a bit watery at the bottom and the cheese was a bit weak I felt.

I can see this being a very solid burger, but today for me it was let down by a very dry bun. I wonder due to us sitting down at around 10:30am if this was left out from the night before, it certainty felt like it had.

Overall Rating 6/10

Diner on Urbanspoon

A few pictures from my day at the Beach Volleyball


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