Friday, 21 September 2012

Pitt Cue Co. London

Finally I made it to Pitt Cue co. 

Located on the corner of Ganton Street about a 5 min walk from Oxford Street tube station you walk straight into the bar area, the restaurant is downstairs and its the bar area you wait in until your table is available, giving the 4 of us enough time to drink a few Whatever beers and look over today's menu. 

We ordered everything

Grilled North Devon Boxeater with Bone Marrow Mash

Dexter Strip Loin

Beef Ribs

Pulled Pork, Porger Sausage & House Sausage

Pork Ribs

Oreo based peanut butter & chocolate cheese cake with ganache & banana ice cream

The Kitchen

What a place and I can see how they picked up the Zagat best newcomer award recently(Congratulations again). Superb food all round with the highlights being the porger sausage, pulled pork and the Dexter strip loin.

The venue is small and it is buzzing in a really cool way. Great service from all who served us and just a great place to spend an evening with a couple of friends check them out!

Pitt Cue Co on Urbanspoon Square Meal

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