Saturday, 8 September 2012

Supermac's, Sligo, Ireland

Burger: 5oz Bacon & Cheese Burger
Price: €4.25

Tasty Irish beef, not a good burger.
Location: Sligo, Ireland

Supermac's is a fast food chain in Ireland and has been serving up burgers since 1978 using only Irish ingredients. There are over 100 stores spread throughout the country now (seen here) and my memories of them have always been of a good quality burger with a variety of different options that we are not catered for in England's fast food chains, especially where fries are concerned.

This Supermac's is connected to to a petrol service station and is the nearest shop to MBA's Nan so I had been here a few times before however usually after a few pints at the local and never as the BurgerAddict.

With a trip over to see her family for the first time since our engagement there was no way Supermac's was not going to get a visit and a review, I was hoping for my memories to serve me right and be able to give a glowing review for a fast food restaurant.


When I saw the photo of the new 5oz bacon & cheese burger I was all over it, the patty looked huge and bigger then anything I had seen in similar places. I ordered some curry fries and an Oreo Milkshake.

MEAT - I was gutted then I saw how flat this 5oz patty was, I was half expecting to be asked how I would like it cooked when I ordered. The patty was also splitting quite a bit however the taste of the beef was good with a deep flavor and without doubt a higher quality then its English counterparts.  

BUN - Strange, the top was toasted and the bottom wasn't...both were still very soft and a bit dry and when I lifted the bottom untoasted half it bent and ripped to a millimeter of breaking but thankfully never broke fully. 

TOPPINGS - I know there is a recession in Ireland but there is no need for that little cheese coverage. there was only about 2 bites that actually had cheese in, unusual to see the cheese at the bottom of the burger also. Similar issue with the bacon, 1 strip of streaky bacon, nice taste with both but not enough to name it a bacon & cheese burger. Sharp red onion with a very sweet BBQ sauce sat on top of the patty and were both decent enough.

SIDES – Mega selection to chose from here and I opted for curry fries, there are taco fries, garlic, cheese, cheese & garlic, and coleslaw from memory. I don't remember ordering or seeing fries and gravy on the menu but the consistency of the curry sauce on them reminded me of it more so. The fries are not seasoned but salt is provided but they were very soft fries and the way they are packaged I'm not sure how the salt could be added after a topping has been added. The 'curry sauce' is layered throughout though which is good. The Oreo cookie milkshake was very nice however not as good as Byron's

Pretty gutted about this; the standards have definitely slipped since my last visit and I don't believe that's due to the higher quality burgers I have been eating. As 'The BurgerAddict' I have eaten McDonalds & Burger King burgers in that time and they have been as I remembered.

The essence of the burger however is the beef and this was a tasty bit of beef which still managed to have a bit of juice in it however as a burger it was poor and the fries were amateur.

Overall Rating 3/10


  1. restaurant in pictures are not supermac's in sligo....who been there can tell the same....

  2. This Supermacs is in Co.Sligo - check the location map above.

  3. They have a supermac's in Derry and it's shocking. Also have a look at the below article from the Irish Independent they are looking to Expand into Australia due to to the massive Irish population working over there.

  4. Different chairs there now

  5. I wish their fries were crispier.