Tuesday, 16 October 2012

In-N-Out, Hendon, London

Burger: Double Double - Animal Style
Price: £4 with chips and drink £1 each

In-N-Out Animal and London Style
Location: Hendon, London

Website: http://www.in-n-out.com/
Twitter: @innoutburger

In-N-Out coming to London for 4hours, in Hendon? No chance.

I had seen various retweets of this advert which appeared in a local paper but anyone could have posted that.

11pm last night I decided to call In-N-Out's customer service number in the States...within 2 minutes it was confirmed, they would be in a small Italian cafe in Hendon from 11am tomorrow; unbelievable.

I actually woke in the night and had dreamt that I turned up and they had sold out and all I managed to get was their famous spread sauce, there was no way I could miss out on this.

In-N-Out famously have not branched further than the West coast of USA due to their commitment to delivering fresh food in a day they can guarantee quality, so how could they be sure to deliver in the UK?

I arrived around 10:45 and was about 7 people deep in the queue. Mega thanks to HamburgerMe for the updates on twitter. 

Wristbands were given to people in the queue along with a keyring and sticker and when 11clock hit in we went.

The menu was up above the till. Animal is no secret here!

I took my seat as close to the kitchen as possible as the smell was so good. I was unable to see any cooking taking place but did manage to see their buns, which were Warburton's. 

MEAT - The real test to see if the quality had transfered across the pond...Booya it had. It was as I remembered it State-side, incredibly flavoursome and juicy with the kick of mustard due to the animal style cooking.

BUN - Warburton's buns used, they were fresh and toasted to give a crispy bite. I love these buns since burgeranarchy.com introduced me to them on their blog. There was a heap of animal in this burger and the bun stood the test.

TOPPINGS I forgot about the secret menu when I had my previous double double and the difference is mainly seen here with the topping; Pickle, spread, and grilled onions. Sweet Jesus they really do take the double double to another level and give the WOW factor. 

SIDES – No chips but salt and vinegar crisps. I don't think I would have ordered them if I had known they were crisps but they did manage to scoop up any left overs from the greaseproof paper.

A burger that to me was faultless  I am so glad I was fortunate enough to be able to taste this. Despite being on my own there was a great atmosphere here and judging by everyone taking a minute or so to take pictures before digging in a good few bloggers there also. 

Great staff as well in-particularly Brian who seemed to be the man in charge spoke to a few of us about why they had come over and if they had any plans to open over here. Sadly no plans to, this was a market research venture to see how they are received.

Why Hendon? They want people to have to work a bit to get the burgers he said, not impossible to get to but when you think of the numbers and random passers by who would have queued I think they are doing the right thing.

So that's it folks, they are open till 3pm so get down there - it may be your only ever chance to taste In-N-Out in the UK.

Overall Rating 10/10


  1. Good work BA,Just wished I'd tried one when i went to Vegas, School boy error.

  2. Thanks Dan. I won't lie missing them in Vegas was a schoolboy error. It gives you a reason to go back though hey?

    Thanks for leaving the comment, really appreciate it. Feel like the blogs taken shape now.

  3. Hi Burger Addict

    Your blog is amazing!
    I am doing a project on In-N-Out Burger and would LOVE your feedback.
    I'm trying to get some information from Burger Enthusiasts such as yourself. Are you available for a quick email Q&A? literally 3 questions????

    Thank you!

  4. Im so devastated i missed this! Please let us know when they come back via your blog. PLEASE. LOVE THIS BLOG BTW. BURGERS ARE THE N BEST CREATION KNOWN TO MAN

  5. Thanks Anon - Leave your name don't be shy :)

    I think it will be sometime before we see In-n-out in England sadly, I really hope I'm wrong.

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