Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Luxe, Old Spitalfields Market, London

Burger: The Luxe Burger - Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle & Luxe sauce
Price: £4.95

Twitter: @TheLUXE_

Located in one of the entrances to the market sits Luxe restaurant which has a seated take away area alongside the main restaurant itself. 

I had not long finished my rib man lunch when I passed this little guy.

How could I walk by him, look at his little burger face.

I thought I had heard of this establishment before however the Mrs informed me I was thinking of the Luxor hotel in Vegas. Whilst in the queue I quickly googled The Luxe and saw it was Masterchef judge John Torode's restaurant so was expecting something decent. 

I went for the signature burger with a portion of chips, however when I asked for medium rare they declined advising it had to be cooked through. I did ponder walking away briefly before confirming my order with hope however I don't think I have ever enjoyed well done beef. Its not well done in my book, its done well too long.

A few mins wait on the bar and my meal was served up.

MEAT - I'm not sure what to say about this patty, but the picture does do it justice. Tough, dry, too small for the bun and tasteless.

BUN - The bun was too tough, couple this with the 'beef' it made it very chewy. Was the bun too big for the patty or patty too small for the bun, either or; poor.

TOPPINGS The salty pickle really came through and was good however the lettuce was poorly chopped and was so thick in places it just fell out. The tomato was a bit drab and added a texture to the burger rather than any rural flavour, but it did have a good coverage in the burger. Sauce had quite a strong mustard flavour. I didn't taste the cheese until the last bite and this wasn't melted.

SIDES – Now I don't ever remember leaving any food on my plate but we left the chips.  They were cooked very well, crisp on the outside and soft in the inside I've had more flavoursome cardboard in my life. It's probably quite a challenge to deliver this poor quality flavour with them still having a good texture.

I tweeted my anger about this burger instantly and am still so disappointed  I'm really at a loss to see how anyone can deliver such a poor quality burger in such a highly saturated food market. It was poor in every department and just looked like bits thrown together. I want to take the cape off the little Luxe Superhero, the burger doesn't deserve him.

I didn't find another blogger review from here, hopefully if anyone else is tempted to the Luxe burger when passing my review will flag up and put them off.

Overall Rating 2/10

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  1. Hi BurgerAddict,

    As your name suggest, I'm guessing you like burgers and am glad you stopped by to try our Luxe Burger. Although really disappointed that you didn't enjoy it!

    We really do pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients and service and would love for you to come back and visit us and join us on the Ground Floor cafe or head up to the first floor Brasserie to enjoy ‘The LUXE’ 8oz Burger, Mature Cheddar with Old Spot Bacon & Chips.

    If you can get in touch with us on or tweet us on: @TheLUXE_ we can get this arranged for you.


  2. Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for your reply and I do appreciate it however I am not interested at present in coming back to The Luxe.



  3. You are not missing much by not visiting The Luxe again, I just went there for lunch and the burger was everything that you described in your post. Tough bun, tough patty, poorly chopped lettuce and pickle (Every bite I made both the pickle and lettuce slosh around), overpoweringly sour ketchup so could not taste the cheese or the tomato or any beefy flavour in the patty. On top of that I had to wait around 15 minutes for them to reheat the burger.

    Frankly if I had to have a burger near spitalfields I would go to McDonalds instead, as they make a butter burger.

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