Friday, 30 November 2012

Street Kitchen, Broadgate Circle, London

Burger: Buffalo Bill Burger
Price: £7.50

An example of great ingredients delivering 

Location: Broadgate Circle, Liverpool Street
Twitter: @Streetkitchen

Founders Mark Jankel and Jun Tanaka 'silver bullet' has been serving London now since 2010 and I have not seen anything but high praise for the quality of food they produce and in particular their openness to how they source their ingredients. Their reputation is exemplary and their ethos is clear;

Street Kitchen is on the streets cooking up gourmet food for Londoners to eat on the go. Our simple and healthy bistro style dishes are served in take away boxes from three locations around London. We use 100% UK ingredients sourced directly from farms so the produce is super fresh and super tasty. 

I spoke briefly with Mark at We Feast to see if they served a burger and he explained they did a simple burger on Fridays, 'simple' may have been the reason despite only working 5 minutes around the corner I hadn't visited them for close to a year however last Thursday night I spoke briefly to Clerkenwell_Boy and he suggested that I paid them a visit, and with his dining portfolio you listen. So off I went.

I was in the queue for about 10 minutes before being served and about another 5 to get the burger in my hand, so wrap up warm. 

Al deskco eating time;

MEAT - Dreamy. A wonderful texture and cooked as I love; slightly caramelised on the outside and soft juicy meat inside. Made from dry aged grass fed British beef the pictures hopefully show how good this patty  is. 

BUN - A glazed brioche bun which has almost become an industry standard now and it's clear why. Soft yet firm and ideal soaking up all the juices that the burger has. This was lightly toasted and never had any construction issues in consumption. 

TOPPINGS - The first thing you get is the texture of the baby gem lettuce; it is so crisp and unbelievably fresh.  I am a sucker for pickled onions and that doesn't change here as they are deliver a sharp tang that compliments the beef perfectly. The combination of the two sauces was fantastic, a creamy mustard mayo on the top and sweet strong tomato sauce(almost a purée) on the bottom. The flavour combination isn't a million miles from the special sauce in a big mac but packs so much more of a punch. When melted correctly, as it is here, red leicester is one of my favourite cheese toppings. 

SIDES – Coleslaw and desert available but just stuck with the burger.  

A wonderful burger that delivered in every area; constructed so well, every bite gives you a a bit of everything, and its everything you want.

Britsh Street Food declared them the winner of the best burger at this years awards but for their chicken slider so another one for the to-do-list. If you have tasted it let me know what you thought.

With a menu that changes daily and such superb food on offer its no wonder they have been keeping Londoners happy for so many years. The burger only being available on Friday's is probably a very good thing for me as I would end up out of pocket and out of belt holes.

A simple burger Mark? It maybe simple but sometimes when everything's right, simple can be pretty damn special. 

Overall Rating 10/10


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  2. Thanks Miss Maurice.

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