Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Old Imperial Hotel, Youghal, Cork

Burger: The "Imperial Burger"
Price: €12.95

Can an Irish burger match London's finest? 
Location: Youghal, Cork, Ireland

A trip to my home from home Youghal is always a food delight. Right on the coastline of Ireland it offers the best fresh fish I've tasted and in my 10+ years of going I've not had 1 bad meal in any pub or restaurant. 

I don't remember have many burgers in my time here but it's Sunday night, now is the time to try it out.

The pub in the hotel is a small homely environment with a big open fire but we ate in the restaurant which was decorated well in a Christmas theme.


MEAT - Cooked medium rare as requested, which I have found quite a challenge in Ireland, so was over the moon with that. A big wedge of Irish beef that has a real rich sweet taste, you can really notice the difference in this beef however it did split apart, I'm not sure why, it was super juicy so maybe the fat content was slightly too high.

BUN - Not good I'm afraid, when lifting the top bun part broke off as you can see in the photo. It was very dry and the bottom bun structure broke apart. 

TOPPINGS - Parsley, iceberg lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, bacon and blue cheese. The slices of bacon unfortunately were too soft and the fat pulled the one of the rashers out in the first bite. The smoked salty flavour bounced off with the sweetness of the beef however. The blue cheese was as expected, really strong, melted perfectly and a great amount of it, however it was melted onto the bacon rather than the patty which was a shame.

SIDES – I had crispy hot buffalo wings to start(€7.50) and they were really good. They weren't as meaty as say MEAT's wings in London but the sauce and flavour wasn't a million miles off, quite a bit hotter and maybe just a tiny bit too salty. The thick creamy blue cheese dip did help with the seasoning and heat. 

The twice cooked chips arrived erected in a mini fryer, they had a great glass like crisp on the outside and were soft in the inside. They could have been a tiny bit fluffier however they were still top chips.

My rating is low but I did enjoy this burger and the meal as a whole(the starter and desert were very good) however I have to compared it as I would anywhere especially the burgers I regularly eat in London.

It's not a specialist burger joint but would happily order this again and hopefully next time the bun, which was the main downfall could be improved.

The Murphy's gets a 10/10 J

Overall Rating 4/10

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  1. Also my hometown, I had the burger/wings combo myself in March and agree completely

    In London the game has been raised so much, even solid burgers like this feel dissapointing.

    I do like their wings a LOT tho'