Monday, 7 January 2013

2012 Review

2012 saw the birth of BurgerAddict in March and I thought I'd throw together a few of the highs and lows of the year.

Best Burger: 
Honest Burgers Honest Burger
I have been fortunate to consume a hell of a lot of good burgers this year, some which I would describe as perfect, but when someone asks me where's the best burger, I've had the answer is always the same, Honest Burgers. I've eaten a few of these burgers and it delivered every time. The beef, bacon and red onion relish are spine-tinglingly good and as anyone who's sampled their fries knows, they must be cooked in something illegal as they are so addictive.

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Talking Point: 
If you didn't know In-N-Out, the 'fast food' restaurant that are so dedicated to delivering freshly ground beef and ingredients to customers they haven't ventured past the west coast of America (much to the disappointment of the central and east) visited England, London, Hendon to be precise. It was a whirlwind 12 hours from me calling their head office in America to having to 'excuse' myself from work to get in the queue for what maybe a once in a lifetime experience. It was a major success from them and clearly showed their ability to produce the highest quality burger away from the west coast and that their fan-base is global.
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Unexpected Find: 
Close to being my biggest disappointment as it has now officially closed :( but this was a burger I had by chance and with the menu having a huge array of toppings and being so cheap my expectations were low but WOW. The beef in the photos looks grey and dry but you know sometimes photos of the food you eat do not tell the story. It was was the most perfectly balanced bun:patty:toppings burger I have tasted this year. Such a shame that they are no more, there's no room in this market to start as poorly as reports suggested La Mamma Burger did.

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Biggest Let Down: 
This was a good burger, but at $65 (around £43) it was by FAR the most expensive burger of the year and I had expected to be blown away. Apart from the bun the other elements of the burger were very good and the patty was sublime, but a burger without cheese?

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Worst Burger: 
I know it's not a burger joint but still by far the worst burger I've had this year. Majorly overcooked, lacking any flavour and so bad I can still remember the sick feeling I had after it on the way home. 

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Best Tweet: With reports that Westminster council were to ban rare and medium rare burgers Lucky Chip delivered some gold;
 I would rather go to jail than comply with Westminsters possible new laws regarding meat

Best Street Food: 

If 2012 was the year of the burger, I think 2013 will be the year of street food. 
KERB have shown the popularity of this growing trend and have given me the opportunity to taste some wonderful food that I would never have thought about trying. My favourites include Pizza Pilgrims, Yum Bun, and Eat My Pies, but the best is Brick Lanes finest Mark Gevaux AKA The Rib Man. The meat is deliciously soft and his sauces are becoming world famous. 

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What was the best and worst burger you had in 2012; is there somewhere I missed that you think deserves top spot?

A mega thanks to anyone who's read, commented, tweeted or retweeted me in 2012 it really does make it worthwhile, and there is a lot to look forward to in 2013 so please stay connected.


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