Monday, 21 January 2013

Bleecker St. Burger Revisited

Ever since starting the blog I have wondered what to do when visiting somewhere for a second time and the original rating doesn't quite agree. Thankfully up until now anywhere I have revisited has been of a similar enough standard that I have been happy with the score given initially. This Friday however I ate a burger that led me to question its rating.

Bleecker Street Burgers original review here.

The two 4oz patties are coarse, well seasoned and impeccably cooked - the cheese and burger sauce give a real creamy melted flavour that makes any danger of a sharpness from the raw onion disappear, and you're left with a really simple burger that is as juicy and as tasty as you're likely to get. The iconic styled bun is fantastic and for the life of me I can't figure out how it's so light - it really isn't what I expect when seeing it again. Their fries again were incredible; no sauce needed.

Why a 9? Ever since early December I had been wanting to see their name again on the KERB rota, and when I saw their name on this weeks rota I told anyone that listened to make sure they go as it's one of the best burgers in town - so why a 9? Well I'm not sure, there is always some hesitation when giving a perfect score but for the life of me I can't think why this didn't receive a 10 previously. I give 10/10 ratings to burgers that blow me away with flavour, excite me and are what I believe to be faultless - this ticks every box.

City Point KERB is falling distance away so maybe the 5-10minute walk from the Gherkin had every so slightly spoiled the experience, whatever the reason I was wrong...It's a 10/10 burger and should be mentioned in the same regard as anything else London has to offer.

Did you get to Bleecker St. on Friday, what did you think and do you think it's deserving of its place alongside London's finest?

Overall Rating 10/10

I was also lucky enough to see EatMyPies and street food enthusiast Andy Bates interview Bleecker St. Burger's Zan.

Make sure you follow them both on twitter to see when the video of this is online.

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