Monday, 28 January 2013

Dirty Burger, Kentish Town, London

Burger: Cheeseburger
Price: £5.50
An neat burger from dirty burger with a milkshake that's divine

Location: Kentish Town, London
Twitter: @dirtyburger

It was described to me as a steel shack, under some stairs in a car park - it was a steel shack, under some stairs in a car park - like a builders tea room. It's so off the beaten track passer-by trade must be non existent, despite this it was was busy enough around midday on Saturday and with the biggest age range I had seen in a burger joint.

There is a table of 12 in the centre of the room and another 10 bar seats around the outside of the room. With outside being freezing I had imagined I would be stepping into a cold room, thankfully the heaters are on and it's perfectly toasty inside. 

The burger menu is the shortest I have seen - just a cheeseburger on the menu - I added onion fries and crinkle cut chips. 

You see your burger being cooked while you wait as the kitchen area is open and right behind the counter, it's not a long wait before the order was called. I didn't see the patty hit the grill but it's seasoned, given some mustard and flipped before the cheese is steamed onto it and then steamed again with the top bun on. 

The patty has the crispiest crisp texture I've had the pleasure of consuming - it gives a pleasurable bite throughout - this obviously increases the risk of a dry patty, but there is an ever so slight tint of pink in the middle, a minute less on the grill would have been better. Slightly over salted in some bites but overall the patty gives something different which is still pleasurable. 

The toppings in the burger are fresh and the tomato gives a clean bite throughout, something which challenges the best of them. The bun looks as though it would be quite tough but the top being steamed on the grill  eradicates this issue and you're left with a soft strong bun that has a slight sweet flavour. 

The crinkle cut fries are very good, again a lot better then I was expecting, this maybe due to them reminding me of the burnt oven fries I used to get from school. Sadly the onion fries didn't hit the spot for me; the first couple were ok, but overall a bit too much batter and too salty to finish them off. The burger is on the smaller side of the norm, but with the sides still offers a good value portion that left me satisfied. 

The vanilla milkshake is phenomenal. It's all made in-house and has tiny lumps of delicious vanilla cream, added to that the velvety softness you have a slurp at the end, lick the straw clean shake that controversially just pips Byron as  the best milkshake in London.

When I imagine a dirty burger I immediately think of my first dead hippie at MEATmarket - dripping juices from the beef and a mixture of melted cheese, pickles and sauces covering my hands. This burger isn't  "dirty" in the traditional sense and on its own doesn't hit the highs of other places in London, but this place is unique, and the milkshakes so good that I would definitely recommend it. 

I've heard their breakfasts are quality but it's quite a distance from home and work that I don't expect to get there any time soon - am I missing out? 

Overall Rating 8/10

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  1. Goddamn, may have just come across the greatest blog ever! Haha, definately gonna check some of the London sites out soon, maybe blog about them too. As the 10/10s look wayyy too good to miss.

  2. Thanks Charlie - comments like that make it all worthwhile. Please do and tweet me your photos @theburgeraddict

  3. I went here on Monday night with some friends and it was superb. A mere 13 hours and a hangover later we were in Patty & Bun consuming an even better burger. #burgermental

  4. What did you prefer Kev? Patty & Bun for me.

  5. DIRTY BURGER ALL THE WAY!!! Just literally came back from Patty & Bun right now, and having read this blog earlier today I had to comment. I'll never forget that first bite into a DB - it was literally an orgasm. I was expecting the same thing at P&B - but no... it was missing something for me... I had to add extra hot sauce to it to make it more interesting, which I've never done at DB. So yeah, for me Dirty Burger = winner.

  6. Dirty Burger just didn't do it for me. First I asked what salad is in the burger and was pleased to hear, lettuce, onion and sliced tomato. Superb. I asked for no mayo, and asked if they add mustard to the burger, "no" was the reply, so I ordered a cheeseburger. Straight away the patty hit the grill and a squirt of yellow sauce was added, I asked what it was and was told "sauce"... yep, but what kind of sauce,... "oh mustard". Now, its not that I don't like mustard, I just don't like American mustard, its too sweet and insipid and tastes nothing like.... mustard.. but that's what they added, a burst zit squirt of French's. This was rectified without a shrug as another patty hit the grill and I sat down with a beer.
    5 minutes later it arrived at the bench; a plate topped with a bag of the most wonderful, crisp, salty and rippled fries I have had the pleasure to stuff my face with, and a softball sized wrapper of meat and bun.
    This is where it fell down. The bun and cheese are steamed on top of the patty, I knew this already, but I wasn't expecting the pickles and the tomato slice to be cooked also. I HATE cooked tomato in burgers, I just don't get it; as well as quality of ingredients, for me a good burger is about that contrast in taste and texture. Crisp lettuce, sliced raw tomato, sliced onion and well cooked meat and a decent bun (not too much bread), and if theres cheese, then it must be decent, strong tasting cheddar or blue. Whilst I couldnt fault the meat or cheese, the BD bun lid was soggy, aforementioned pickles and tomato cooked and the lettuce wasn't exactly crisp. A wrapper full of sweaty goop that could have been so much more. Shame. Obi.

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