Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Two Nights Only

With new burger joints, specials and popups hitting your timeline daily, it's virtually impossible to keep track of everything. Thankfully, you have me - sorting the buyers from the spyers, the needy from the greedy and the ones I trust from the ones I don't - to inform you all of events that can't be missed. Two Nights Only is one of these events.

James Morgan, previous head chef at the Wenlock and Essex, and creator of the 30 burger, and Chris Todd, from The Diner, have teamed up once again to bring burger enthusiasts a night of pure indulgence. Unfortunately I was unable to go to the previous event but I managed to speak to Chris from All Things Meaty who attended and had this to say:
"2NO holds a special place in my heart as it was the first ‘foodie’ event I ever went to, and it was that night I decided to start a food blog. I didn’t write up a review of the place as honestly, I got hammered on the amazingly generous cocktails and chatted to too many people. Personally, even though the burger is incredible (can’t stress this enough if you’re a burger fan), the evening had a great atmosphere, the waitresses were lovely and overall it was just a huge amount of fun.

That said, I do still remember the food. The starters were a nice surprise, waygu tartar and a roasted crayfish. The ox tail doughnuts, which are making a comeback, almost stole the conversation away from the burger. The filling was excellent but people were divided by the icing sugar coating and the heaviness of the dough. Overall though, it went down as a huge success. The sides of coleslaw and fries were superb, hands down best slaw I’ve ever had. The brownie dessert was decadent but I was full to bursting after the burger.

The Burger (capital B) was a triumph of engineering. Urban legend was that over 100 people had been involved in the process. It was a pretty mammoth burger and overall was very similar to James’ truly excellent 30 burger at the Wenlock. However this was even richer and took the beefiness to another level. Every element was a bit more special as well. The comte cheese was sharp and mature, the onions were amazingly sticky and sweet and the gherkins had a yeasty kick due to their long alcohol bath. I actually had one and a half burgers (because I’m a pig) and I was still craving more. James, Chris and the rest of the team put on a great event last time, this one sounds like it’s going to surpass the last. Bigger, better and beefier. Can’t wait."

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Take a look at the menu for this Two Nights Only:
Bedford & Strand is located just off the Strand. Click here for map

The London Burger, if executed as well as James has shown in the past, looks set to be one of the best burgers you're likely to get your hands on and probably worth the £40 ticket price on its own, let alone the starter, sides, pudding and drink included! 

Tickets are on sale this Friday. You really would be mad to miss out, so make sure to add me and Two Nights Only on twitter to be first in-line when they go on sale. I'll be going on the 17th March - maybe see you there.

A shot from the testing kitchen


  1. Looks like a night not to be missed! How and where do you get tickets from? Hopefully see you on the 17th

  2. Wow this looks like a great event, lots of these types of gigs being created so its getting trickier to choose your battles (which is a good thing)without ruining your wallet. This looks like good value for money and a great looking set up but my job doesnt allow me to stare at twitter all day Friday and i dont want to miss out, have you got any clues about how and when the tickets will be sold exactly.

  3. glad its on 2 nights.
    I can't do 17th as im at Cheltenham for the week and its Paddy's day but looking forward to the 24th!
    3 course meal and drinks for £40, well the food is probably worth £25 so just got to drink the rest in 3 or 4 hours which should be easy and fun LOL, makes it a no-brainer really.
    Glad burgeraddict started this blog, keep it up, you are the gocompare of the burger world without the annoying opera singer :)

  4. Looks like an unbelievable event. Would be great as a St Patrick's day celebration. £40 is an absolute bargain for food and beers especially on St Patrick's day. You would usually spend that alone on Drinks.
    Love this blog, never been a let down and always providing a constant stream of food porn. Great reviews and great burgers!
    How do you get tickets for the event above would be keen on going!

  5. These events are growing and popping up all the time and its the perfect way to spend an evening, always memorable, great company and the best food you'll ever eat for all its worth! cant wait for this one - says tickets on sale this friday - whereabouts?

  6. Anon & David

    Tickets go on sale 19:00. I will post the link on twitter; so please check around this time.

    Jason - Glad to be of service and glad I'm not as annoying as the gocompare guy. Praise indeed :)