Friday, 19 April 2013

Burger Addict 1st Birthday Competition - £20 Byron voucher prize

Competition entries now closed.

Friday 12th April marked 1 year as a self-confessed burger addict!

As a thank you to everyone I've decided to do a competition on the blog and the good guys at Byron have kindly given £20 to celebrate this landmark occasion. 

Question: From 12 April 2012 to 11 April 2013 - How many burgers have I eaten?

I've eaten as many as 5 burgers in 24 hours in this year, there are however some days where I've not eaten any burgers! Most of the burgers are pictured in the gallery here.

Enter via the comments section below(please leave contact details) or tweet me with the hash tag #burgeraddict1year

Competition Small Print
1 guess per person
If the correct number is not guessed, it'll be the nearest to the number
In the event or 1 or more persons guessing the number, there will be a tie break question - yet to be decided
The number of burgers eaten will be confirmed midday on 30 April 2013
Vouchers will be posted via recorded delivered.

Update 30/04/2013

With a range of guesses from 71 right up to 1,215(not a typo, one thousand two hundred and fifteen!) we have a winner!

I've eaten 114 burgers consumed in that period and @TheGaztronome guessed correctly.

They've ranged from McDonalds to the most expensive burger in the world.

I've made a collage of most of them below.

Thanks again to everyone who's made the blog worthwhile.


  1. I can't be arsed to go through it all, so I'm just going to have a punt at it, and the number 71 has entered my head?

    so there you go mate, and crongrat's, love your dedication to burgers.

  2. Ummmm 82

    If win I might attempt to take down a triple patty Byron!

  3. my guess is......90 ! @rkbean24

  4. I will go for 79
    Great blog!

  5. I found your blog on Google and i started reading all of your blog posts. I love burger and this blog updates me.

  6. Replies
    1. Burger & Shake
      Street Kitchen
      Patty & Bun x 3

      Then coma.

  7. I think 81 :)

  8. I'm not much of a burger fan, Still i cant recall how many Burger i have eaten so far LOL. May be 4 to 5 lest.

  9. I avoid burgers now unless they are home made, but when i was younger think i once had big mac's.