Thursday, 2 May 2013

Route 66 - The Trip of a Lifetime

May 30th I'm getting married. Woowooo!

What does this mean for the blog? Well Mrs Burger Addict(MBA) will actually be Mrs. Apart from that, the day won't have any impact on the blog....The honeymoon however. We're are flying into Chicago on June 1st and embarking on a month burger road trip across America.

We've hired an SUV and will be taking it across route 66 for most of the journey, verging off via Las Vegas, San Francisco & San Diego before flying from Los Angeles to Hawaii for a week. Can. Not. Wait.

We have 3 weeks between landing in Chicago and flying off from LA so have plenty of time(hopefully) to visit as many places as possible. This is where I'm asking for your help.

If you have any recommendations for burger joints, premium food, unmissable sights or anything really, along or near the mother road, please leave it in the comments section and I'll add to the ever growing list.

I'll hopefully have the chance to update the blog throughout the trip. Very lucky to have found someone who shared my dream of driving across America.

Our 'planned' route across the states

Kuma's Corner
Bull & Bear
Pappy's Smokehouse
Five Guys
Sid's Diner
Nic's Grill
Coyote Bluff Cafe
New Mexico
Bobcat Bite 
Short Order
The Oinkster
25 Degrees
Carnitas' Snack Shack
Rustic Canyon Wine Bar and Seasonal Kitchen
Irv's Diner


  1. Las Vegas - Bachi Burger on Windmill.

    Bahn Mi Wagyu Burger - it shouldn't work, but it does.

  2. Check out Boston Blackie's in Chicago and In-N-Out in Las Vegas

  3. Gosh I am so jealous. I am getting married in June, but we're probably going to Honeymoon in Brazil - which will be fabulous, but doesn't involve BURGERS!

    In Chicago I definitely recommend going to Hugo's Frog Bar and Fish House or Gibson's Steak House next door. The food is sublime, and some of the best steak I've ever eaten.

    It's quite expensive, but then this is your honeymoon!

    Also recommend Pizano's Pizza and Pasta in Chicago. Really good traditional deep Chicago Pizza in a really friendly place with live sports. Also very reasonably priced.

    San Diego - you should definitely try The Old Town. There are some fabulous mexican restaurants there - the burritos are to die for. is the one I tried which was fabulous and very cheap with massive delicious portions.

    It's really easy to get to on the tram too.

    Have a fabulous time :o)

  4. I found this blog on google and this is my fav burger. i love it

  5. We drove from Chicago to Miami (and got married there) in June 2011 and visited many burger places but obviously not on your route but for Chicago, defo recommend (and opposite the original West Ontario Street location is a decent hot dog spot Also Chicago,,, etc.

  6. Thanks! Had forgotten to list Billy Goat, will prob be the first place we visit, for the history of it.

  7. Wow there are some great places to go on this trip. I did the West Coast for my 30th last year.

    I highly recommend three places in San Francisco Ike's Place (amazing!!! sandwiches in Castro), Brenda's French Soul Food (grits, omelettes with oysters - brilliant place) and Taqueria La Cumbre (for a serious burrito).

    Phillipe's Sandwiches in LA (sandwiches dipped in gravy. Nothing else to say). El Tepeyac (the ultimate massive burrito with meat on top - go on the way to the airport!)

    and in San Diego...

    Phil's BBQ (beef ribs are just as good as the normal ones), Broken Yolk Cafe (breakfast heaven) and Lucha Libre (more burritos but funky setting).

    Finally if you go near San Luis Obispo go to the Rib Line. Bit odd and small but hell of a brisket sandwich!

    I'm getting married in 9 weeks so off to diet. Good luck!

  8. Thanks Sempy. I remember seeing Phillipe's somewhere before, looks amazing.

  9. Congratulations on tying the knot. For a burger addict, I can't think of a better way to spend the honeymoon.

  10. I enjoyed Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger in Miami, Oklahoma. A route 66 classic!

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