Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 5 St. Louis to Lebanon

Burger Reviewed: None. Zero. I DIDN'T EAT A BURGER TODAY!
Restaurant Reviewed: Pappy's Smokehouse

You can find me, still in St. Louis. Just for the morning however, then we head off on Route 66 again.

Opposite our hotel was Forest Park, at 1,371-acres it's known as the heart of St. Louis. We didn't walk around much of it before developing an appetite.

Pappy's Smokehouse

As we were starting to head into American BBQ territory, I left the burgers behind for a meal and went on a search to find the best the city had to offer - This was unanimously agreed as Pappy's Smokehouse, ranked on Urbanspoon #1 restaurant in the city.

Arriving at lunchtime, the gorgeous smell hits you in the car park, sadly so does the queue. When inside you're given a  menu to save time, and the wait isn't too long. The killer is the queue goes through the restaurant, so if the smell wasn't aching your stomach by now, you have to be teased with watching people eat. 

The coolest pig in town
Ribs coming out of the smoker

Ribs sitting on beef brisket with a side of applesauce and baked beans
Pulled pork sandwich with slaw and sweet potato fries

Their ribs blew me away, the best I can ever remember tasting. They had a deep sweetish skin from the dry rub and under, the meat was so soft and moist it effortlessly came away from the bone. The rest of the meal, the pulled pork sandwich, beef brisket and the sides were all high quality as well, it was just the sweet potato fries were far too sweet for me, sugar on fries doesn't work for me. So confident of their meat, they leave the sauce on the side, which give you a chance to really taste.

Overall Rating: 9/10
Pappy's Smokehouse on Urbanspoon

The Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, who played at home both days we were in St. Louis. I just looking at their schedule, they have played 28 time this month! I don't understand how you can follow baseball with this number of games.  

For dessert we headed to the world famous Ted Drewes, on Route 66, which has been serving their concretes (frozen custard) since 1929. These concretes were one of the inspirations for Danny Meyers 'Shake Shack'. 
The shop may be best known for a speciality called a "concrete". A concrete is custard blended with any combination of dozens of ingredients, served in a large yellow cup with a spoon and straw. A concrete is blended so thick that the spoon does not fall out of the cup if turned upside down. Servers often demonstrate this before handing an order to the customer. - Wikipedia
When the Cardinals are at home, they have special discounted prices for both sets of fans. 

Mine was a medium cookie dough concrete. As good as it tasted, after the food just eaten I struggled to even finish half.

The original Route 66 has changed and even following the Historical Route signs, every now and again, you'll hit the end of the road. This bridge had been shut down due to safety fears.

Meramec Caverns, Jesse James Hideout - This place was freezing.

The worlds largest rocking chair. There are quite a few of 'The Worlds Largest' on Route 66.

A drive in to Sonic, where once ordered (as you would with any drive through) they come out and deliver the food to you in your car, the ultimate in lazy dining. I just got a Chicago hot dog, it was horrible and it's not worth talking about past that, and as I later found out not the one of a kind Route 66 diner I though, but 1 of 4,000 across the States. Drive on by.

We stayed at Munger Moss Motel. Quite a landmark motel on Route 66. A motel since 1946, Bob and Ramona Lehman have owned it for over 30 years. Ramona was at the front desk when we checked in, and she's quite a character, with some very strong views on her country.

This cost $54.80 for the night.

Distance covered - 175m

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