Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 6 Lebanon to Tulsa

Burger Reviewed: Steak 'n Shake - Buddy's Grill

Today we exit Missouri, pass through Kansas, and finish for the night in Oklahoma.

The Worlds Largest Gift Store

These must be in the top 5 for biggest Candy Factory and Flags.

Steak 'n Shake
Burger: Pepperjack Melt
Price: $5.99
Location: 1158 East Saint Louis Street, Springfield, MO
Twitter: @SteaknShake

When reviewing Steak 'n Shake last year in Las Vegas, I had no idea they had been flipping burgers since 1934 and were one of the leaders in making burgers popular in America throughout the years. I was surprisingly impressed with their burger before, this time, knowing what I know I was still impressed!

We were in one of the oldest Steak 'n Shake restaurants & as it turns out and one of the only ones that still offer car service. We chose to dine inside however and table service is provided.

Under the classic melts category I selected the Pepperjack Melt - It's two Steakburgers with melted pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, jalapeños, and mayo on grilled sourdough bread. It's quality. All the ingredients taste fresh, something that fast food joints have a major difficulty with on the whole. The patty is faultless. Cooked with a slight pink in the middle, the beef is tasty, juicy, soft inside and a slight crunch from its caramelised crust.

I was curious to see how toasted sliced bread would work compared to a standard bun. I'd thought the slice would have been too thin or too flimsy, but this curiosity didn't last long. With the patty and toppings having such a melty softness, the slight toasting on the bread gave it a solid enough structure without being too ridged. This burger/classic melt is dreamy, well prepared, especially from a chain. Fast food delight.

Overall Rating: 8/10
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Visiting the square of America's first quick-draw duel. 

On the road

You're only in Kansas for a dozen or so miles on Route 66, but the characters we met in this short stretch left a lasting impression. Not just on me, but also the Disney/Pixar creators of Cars. With the film set on Route 66 it's not surprising to see some familiar faces and buildings.

We are not in Kansas anymore!

At the Dairy King I only ordered a shake. While doing so a man, who turned out to be the owner called Charles Duboise popped his head out and asked me to sign his visitors book. Before I knew it half an hour had passed with us talking about everything from sights and people on Route 66, to British TV(Top Gear) and him meeting Billy Connelly when he completed the trip a few years back. If you ever see this Charles, it was a pleasure to meet you. You really were one of the stars of our trip.

Buddy's Grill

Burger: Hamburger Steak
Price: $8.75
Location: 630 N J.M. Davis Blvd, Claremore, OK.

Recommended in our guide was Pits BBQ. After driving around in circles for a few minutes we realised it was no longer & had been replaced with Buddy's Grill

This still had the hallmarks of what I expected from a quality American Bar-B-Que joint - no frills exterior and on the outskirts of town. Expectations in food are as dangerous as salmonella, and this place was as dangerous as you can get. Collectively, the worst meal I've ever eaten. 

The 'Hamburger Steak' was a 1/3lb of beef topped with grilled onions and gravy. The patty was somehow in sections. Sections of tasteless, actually I wish it was tasteless it tasted horrific. Dry, chewy and salty. The gravy was reminiscent of thick, syrupy bisto gravy with an extra helping of a pint of salt. I didn't have much before throwing in the towel and moving onto the ribs.

I didn't think it could get any worse, but it did. The ribs were so dry they had an audible rip when coming away from the bone. They tasted worse then they looked. I was actually embarrassed for them and contemplated putting what I wouldn't eat in a napkin and throwing it outside. I just left it in the end and got out of their as soon as I could. What made the meal worse was there was a buzzing though out the meal, a dying fly by the window next to us. I imagine the poor fella had the misfortune to sample some of the food as well.


Overall Rating 1/10 (1 for service)
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Accommodation: No legendary Route 66 motel today, Americas Best Value Inn at Tulsa Airport - $52.51


Distance covered today 256m

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