Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 8 El Reno to Amarillo

Burger Reviewed: JIGG'S Smokehouse (not really a burger)

A very quiet day for food but quality definitely made up for quantity today, with the best brisket I've ever eaten. Before eating some divine brisket, we went to check out a car show.

As we were driving to our hotel we noticed quite a few classic American cars & signs all over El Reno for "A Small Town Weekend". I'm not usually one for cars, but there is something beautiful, iconic & route 66 appropriate about seeing these classic cars. Hearing memoirs from the owners who raced their cars when they were in college was priceless. This open car show was free and showed the true essence Americana that I wanted to experience. 


JIGGS'S Smokehouse

Burger: BBQ Beef - It's not a burger. But it is beef in a bun.
Price: $7.69

JIGG'S is not an easy place to find! We didn't have the address, just the name & area, with no 3G to use it took us some time. A few u-turns and a wave down of a car later we found it and by God I'm glad we did. 

Located nowhere, between nowhere and nowhere, it's a wonder how JIGG'S has been running for 30 years... then you taste the food and instantaneously you understand it's longevity.

The walls are covered with visitors business cards.

The brisket texture is exactly how you want it - textbook. The smoked cubes of beef break away and burst in my mouth. Their sauce is smokey and sweet, with a slight hit to it and it marries with the beef flavour rather then overpowering it. It has to be eaten with a knife and folk and the bottom bun has dissolved under the sauce but doesn't become redundant, the moist potato bun now adds an almost creamy texture to the ensemble. 

The beans are just as good. I finished them both as if it was a race against time. By far the best I'd eaten in a few days...I've just emailed them to price up shipping on their sauce. If you're ever 100miles from them GO. You won't regret it. 

This was special. My only wish is that I'd eaten more. 

Overall Rating 10/10
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A small Popeye museum

Britten's leaning water tower

Is this the way to Amarillo..

Accommodation: Motel 6 El Reno - £52.95


Distance covered today 224m


  1. You drove through Oklahoma City and didn't eat at Nic's and then you drive through the Onion Burger Capital of the World at El Reno without hitting Sid's or Johnnie's and then you eat BBQ in Clinton?

    That's like me taking a trip to Lockhart, TX and eating Thai food.

  2. I'm sure there are lots of places i didn't eat at that i should've. But I ate at Sid's on day 7..Was pathetic.
    JIGGS in Clinton was brilliant

    1. If you haven't already. You should do a little research on the El Reno Onion Burger.

      Understanding how it came about might help you appreciate why the burger is served the way it is. It's kind of a nostalgia thing.

    2. I have thanks. I mentioned the history in my post. Burnt onion patties won't catch on.