Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Shake Shack - Sneak Peak Tasting & Housewarming Party

Shake Shack has now officially opened, but I'd spent last Wednesday and Thursday night sampling all they had to offer. Wednesday was a blogger 'Sneak Peak Tasting' & Thursday was a 'Housewarming Party' with some of London's top restaurateurs & chefs there....& me :)

The staff were incredible both nights, and if something hadn't come out from the menu that you fancied trying...a few minutes later you'd have it on your table. Fantastically well run events. Thank you to all involved.

Just some pictures for now. I will hit the queues soon to give you my opinion of their burgers.

Some of the fantastic team at Shake Shack

Danny Meyer and the team cutting the ribbon

Almost photoshopped burgers, hot dogs, fries and custard being served, each one an exact clone of the one next to it.

get 'em while they're hot

There was a notable improvement in cooking quality over the 2 nights. I don't doubt they'll keep improving



Shake Shack is so much more than a burger joint. With their special desserts, this is somewhere the whole family can go, somewhere anyone can go and get something they like. I can see them constantly evolving and satisfying London for a long time to come. 

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Taking pictures of people taking pictures is the new craze for 2013.

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  1. I'm so pleased you came to the Shake Shack sneak peek and doubly pleased you've posted about it. I just love the upside down shot of the concrete.

    Just one minor clarification: The preview party was not specifically a blogger event, as you suggest. Although Shake Shack was honoured to welcome bloggers such as yourself, the majority of the invited guests were BurgerMonday regulars and their plus ones, most of whom do not have blogs.

  2. Hi y&f - Sorry for the confusion, but when the SS PR guys invited me to the nights, they said Wednesday was a blogger event and Thursday a full on party.

  3. Having just tried 5 Guys and Shake Shake I think the latter is better but given the fact that Meat Market is in the same area I see no need to try these burgers again any time soon when you can have the vastly superior Dead Hippie burger instead