Thursday, 8 August 2013

Burger Tasting for Deliverance - Day 2

24 hours later and it's straight back to work and what a curve ball Deliverance threw today. There was no meat in the burger. I repeat. THERE WAS NO MEAT IN THE BURGER! A small part of me was glad, as I've never had a vegetarian burger before and it's not something I see my self ordering when meat is available, so the chance to review them was a new opportunity. 

 The Classic Burger

Classic Falafel Burger - Falafel patty, pickle, lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, raita and chipotle mayo.

The New Burger

Bhaji Burger - 4 mini onion Bhaji's, spinach leaves, toasted flaked almonds, raita and mango chutney

The Result
Whilst points are certainly given for the originality of the Bhaji burger, the classic falafel burger was one of the best constructed burgers I've ever eaten. It was as if it had been made as one, rather then bun, patty and toppings. The patty had a crunch on the outside whilst remaining moist on the inside. The toppings were fresh and the tomato was soft without being watery.

So it's 2-0 to the classics. Can the new burgers save defeat today? Check back here tomorrow to find out. 

The Deliverance Facebook page has a run down of the week here.  

No animals were harmed in this review.

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