Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Burger Tasting for Deliverance - Day 5

P45's in the post - Today is my last post working for Deliverance, in my dream job a 'burger taster'. 

The Classic Burger

Fish Finger Burger - Cod fish fingers, tartare sauce, gherkins and lettuce and ketchup

The New Burger
Chilli, Prawn & Chorizo - Sliced chorizo, chilli coated prawns and rocket

Result - I'm sure like me, by now you've noticed neither of these 2 'burgers' are burgers, but it is what it is and the winner was decided in one bite - The Fish Finger burger. The batter was crisp, with the fish inside being soft and moist. The ketchup and tartrate sauce came together wonderfully, with the diced pickles being excellent. This was probably the best in terms of quality they've delivered in the past week.

A comfortable victory to the classic burgers. 5-0

Thanks to the Deliverance team for the job and I hope you've enjoyed these posts. If anyone else wants a burger taster in the future, message me :-)

See all the previous burgers on the Deliverance Facebook page here.

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