Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Battle of the Burgers

After a nationwide search, we have a shortlist of 8 and now £2,000 will be awarded this Friday to the finalist who wins 'Battle of the Burgers'. 

I'll be one of the judges!
Other judges include; J.B. Gill from JLS & Nick from - so quite an honour to have been invited. 

The competition has been run in partnership with Red Tractor, a logo you may be familiar with if you buy British beef or lamb.  
Many farmers have both cattle and sheep on their farms and the Red Tractor scheme covers quality beef and lamb production as well as a range of other agricultural produce. The assurance standards encompass food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection and traceability. The basic welfare needs of sheep and cattle must not be compromised at any stage of their lives, and farmers must ensure that their farming practices do not damage the environment. Animals need to be identifiable and traceable back to their farms of origin, and moved in clean vehicles so that the beef and lamb produced is free from contamination and safe to eat. - See more at:

The final 8 are;

The Bengal Burger - Lamb mince with a chili and coriander relish and mint dressing.

Mum’s Sunday Lunch Burger - Lamb mince with a Yorkshire puddings bun, parsnip crisps and cauliflower cheese fritters.

Steak Burger - Beef mince with red and green peppers, chipotle, beetroot, lettuce and tomato.

Burger with Berry Glaze - Beef mince with a blackcurrants and blackberries glaze.

Pan Asian Delight Burger - Beef mince mixed with fish, soy and oyster sauce, a miso Mayonnaise and a Oriental pickled cucumber

Blue Cheese Aioli Burger - 3 cuts of beef minced, bacon, bacon jam, monterey jack cheddar & a blue cheese aioli.

The J-Bomb Burger - 3 cuts of beef minced, a JagerMeister marinade, Red Bull onion rings and a Gruyere crisp.

The Incredible 5-Onion Burger - Beef mince with red and white onions cooked various ways

They have one hour to create their burgers for the panel; we'll be judging taste, complexity of ingredients, cooking ability and presentation. I've got a hunch what burger will win, but I'll keep that to myself. Who's your money on?

I'll be tweeting from the event, winner to be announced at around 5pm,  so keep a look out. #battleoftheburgers