Friday, 3 January 2014

Tizzi's Bar & Grill, Milan, Italy

Burger: Ellen & Norman Burger  
Price: €12

Lost in translation

Burger aren't the first thing that spring to mind when planning a weekend away with the wife in Milan, however i managed to sneak one in. Walking around the small city it surprised me how many new looking burger restaurants there are. It's not just London that's experienced the burger boom in recent years it appears.

With no clear winner when googling the best burger in Milan, I decided Tizzi's would be the joint to get my Euros. This was down to it being run by a female New Yorker - I've experienced burgers from someone with a similar background in London and been quite* impressed. *understatement

With no reservation and a 45 minute wait for a table we decided to wait at the bar with a Brooklyn lager and a glass of wine. 

After about 10 minutes, one of the waiters said we could order at the bar. Not sure why this option wasn't given to begin with as it suited fine.

The burger arrived open with the tomato and lettuce sitting on the top bun. The tomato was very thick and didn't have enough width to cover the patty, so that got removed straight away. 

First bite and I got a gush of juices from the patty - juices that surprisingly had zero flavour. It had been cooked to the right temperature, was a good size, juices were flowing, but no flavour.

Closer inspection of the patty saw that there was no markings from a griddle, grill, it was a very light colour. With such a soft exterior you lose out not only a welcomed difference in texture and also the flavour you get from the mallard reaction 

"In the process, hundreds of different flavour   compounds are created. These compounds, in turn, break down to form yet more new flavor compounds, and so on. Each type of food has a very distinctive set of flavor compounds that are formed during the Maillard reaction." 

It wasn't a million miles away from supermarket packet mince in terms of flavour. Despite what may have been a poor quality of beef, throw some more salt down, turn the heat up and smash it down onto a griddle. 

The cheddar looked and tasted more like Red Leicester, which was fine an it had a  good patty coverage, but I would have liked a bit more, it was a bit thin on top.

The accompanying elements of the burger were all ok, without adding anything memorable. The bun was quite a standard bun, not too far away from a flowery bun, again from the supermarket. 

A side of onion rings proved to be the highlight of an otherwise average meal. Priced at €3 they were shoestring sized with a punch of onion flavoured crispy batter. These were offered to be added to the burger and with hindsight would have been the better option.

Nothing wrong with the burger, but not something I would recommend. 

Have you been to Milan and had a better burger? Leave a comment below for fellow readers. 

Overall Rating 4/10 

A ton of great food this weekend, with the highlight being pizza from Premiata Pizzeria. It was one of them times where I had just the one bite before calling a waiter over to order another pizza. The base had tracing paper thin crust, which broke upon folding to a soft layer. Fresh tasty toppings - the best pizza I've ever tasted. Don't visit Milan without visiting here. Thanks to Rowley for this tip before I left. 


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