Thursday, 27 March 2014

New York City

The last time I left you I was just over a week into my Route 66 honeymoon. With life getting in the way, I never finished blogging this trip.

Tick Tock Diner, Manhattan, New York

Burger: 1/2lb Beef Burger
Price: $10.5

The Spotted Pig, Manhattan, New York,

Burger: Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese & Shoestring Fries
Price: $21

The Burger Joint, Parker Meridan Hotel Lobby, Manhattan, New York

Burger: "The Works"
Price: $8.27

Fatburger, Manhattan, New York

Burger: Large Fatburger
Price: $5.49

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, New York

A very brief meeting with a Brooklyn employee at last years Classic Car Boot sale in London cemented a visit here. We'd stayed in contact and despite her absence she made sure we was looked after with quite a substantial amount of drink tokens for me and my mate, whilst the girls had gone shopping.

Peter Luger, Brooklyn, New York

Burger: Luger Burger
Price: $11.95 with cheese $1.50 and bacon $4.25

Blue Smoke, Manhattan, New York

Zaitzeff, Manhattan, New York

Burger: 1/4 Kobe
Price: $10.95

Location: 72 Nassau St, New York

The ugly duckling, that tastes like a beautiful that doesn't work...well looks can be very deceiving is all, and this is one of the best examples. 

Zaitzeffs' is a family run burger restaurant in the city, where Bleecker owner Zan Kaufman used to work and learnt her trade. The key lessons she picked up; whilst keeping it 'simple', buy the best, ensure quality fresh ingredients and give every part the special attention it needs. What's clear on your first bite is how good quality the beef is.
Zaitzeff never compromises quality. Zaitzeff uses fresh, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef that comes from small cooperatives in Washington and Oregon. We work together and are very proud of our stores.

The grass fed beef has been minced and formed faultlessly. Cooked medium rare, it delivers on a meaty flavour as good as any patty  I've tasted. There is a rumour they don't season their meat - can't be right. It's far too tasty. 

Any doubts of the toasted Portuguese muffin being too thin are quashed rapidly. It's essentially removed the air you'd get from a bigger bun and gives you the right sized bite, minus a squeeze.

The cheese, I agree, doesn't look right, thick and un-melted, It reminded me of the sandwiches my Mum used to make me for school. I'd imagining it clumping up in my mouth but again, it fooled me. It was soft to touch and melted with your bite to pair with everything, realising a mellow, creamy cheddar flavour. Bacon was good. Chopped grilled onions were great, very In-N-Out. It was only the salad I had any issue with and it was removed swiftly.

One of the more surprising burgers I've eaten and not a household name that would necessarily be on your must eats when in NYC, but it should be. 

Loving this label. 

Overall Rating 9/10

Zaitzeff on Urbanspoon

New York Closing

I never even made a dent in my recommendation list and what I've realised with this my second visit, there's always something else. Walking down random streets lead you to places you've heard or seen previously, another new beer, a different take on a cuisine that you want to try. It really is something else.

It's always hard to compare a holiday destination with where you live, but right now I think New York smashes London, but we're moving in the right direction.