Thursday, 27 March 2014

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, New York

A very brief meeting with a Brooklyn employee at last years Classic Car Boot sale in London cemented a visit here. We'd stayed in contact and despite her absence she made sure we was looked after with quite a substantial amount of drink tokens for me and my mate, whilst the girls had gone shopping.

The brewery has free tours throughout the week. Short enough to not drag you away from the important stuff(drinking their beer) but long enough to enlighten and educate you. Having been on a few brewery tours before (Guinness, Jamison's, Heineken..) this was by far the most fun.

Tour over we headed to the bar to sample everything they had to offer. Brooklyn Blast is a danger - gorgeous drink, smooth as you like oh and 8.5% I'm told everyone has a Brooklyn Blast story.

Loved it. Thank you C, and I'm looking to the Brooklyn & Bleecker relationship continuing. 

Also good to know, there's a great pub on the corner called Kent Ale House which has another hefty selection of beers to sample and my first exposure to beer flights, where you pick a section of 4 5oz beers to give you more of a taster.