Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fatburger, Manhattan, New York

Burger: Large Fatburger
Price: $5.49

Location: 509 3rd Avenue, New York

'The last of the great burger stands supposedly'. This is one of the newer American burger chains and not only spans across American, it can also be seen in 11 other countries now. 

For some reason, across my America travels this year, it never appeared on any of my to-do-lists and I only visited today as I was pushed for time and place I was meant to go looked too busy. 

There was nothing wrong with the burger, it was all just very forgetful, the beef never came through at all. Wrapped in the traditional Californian wax paper(first opened on the west coast) the bun and toppings all were wet tasteless additions. 

Overall Rating 2/10

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