The 10/10 Burgers - Best in London & America

I don't have a league table or a top 10 list, but here I have the burgers which I've considered every element to be faultless. They've been delivered to perfection and has been rated a 10/10 by me. 

They are broken down by 'Street Food', 'Restaurants' & 'No Longer Available'. 

If there are any burgers I've not yet reviewed, that you believe could be on this list, get in contact. Also if you think my 10/10 score is too generous let me know why, it's all down to taste & preference after all.  

Joint: Bleecker Street Burgers
Burger: Double Cheese Burger
Location: Roaming street food
Quote: "The two 4oz patties are coarse, well seasoned and impeccably cooked"
Original Review 

Zan gives you the option to pre-order most days - do it.

Joint: Street Kitchen
Burger: Buffalo Bill
Location: Broadgate Circle, Liverpool Street
Quote: "constructed so well, every bite gives you a a bit of everything"
Original Review 

Only available Friday lunch so get there before 13:00, they usually sell out not long after this.

Joint: MEATwagon
Burger: Cheese Burger
Location: Roaming street food
Quote: "As good a burger as the reputation that precedes it."
Original Review

Sadly the wagon isn't on the streets much any morebut they do have 3 restaurants now.

Joint: MEATliquor & MEATmission
Burger: Dirty Chicken Burger
Location: MEATliquor MEATmission
Quote: "Best chicken burger I've ever had"
Original Review 

With a guaranteed peak hour queue at MEATliquor why not book a table at MEATmission.

Joint: Honest Burgers
Burger: Honest Burger
Quote: "despite the wonderful toppings the beef here is still king"
Location: Soho & Brixton Village
Original Review 

Frequent specials appear at Honest Burgers so make sure you keep a look out for them. 

Joint: Elliot's
Burger: Cheese Burger
Location: Borough Market, London
Quote: "every element having its own distinct flavour whilst still complimenting the ensemble perfectly"
Original Review 

A weekday lunchtime only burger.

Joint: MEATliquor, MEATmission & MEATmarket
Burger: Dead Hippie
Location: Covent Garden, London
Quote: "Dead Hippie sauce is in a class of its own"
Original Review

A London In-N-Out inspired delight.

Joint: Patty & Bun
Burger: Ari Gold
Location: James Street, London
Quote: "Joe delivers burgers and good times"
Original Review 

Add bacon for 50p; why wouldn't you add bacon? 

Joint: Byron
Burger: Californian
Original Review 

Joint: The Admiral Codrington
Burger: Double Stack
Original Review

Joint: LA Mamma Burger
Burger: Cheese Burger
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  1. I like coarse burgers. These look amazing.

  2. Some sort of great freshment here. Lovely.